Two Rite Aid Deals

Rite Aid has been having some great sales the past couple of weeks. So in addition to last week’s deal, I did two more this week that I wanted to show you.

The first illustrates how you can not only get items for free, but you can make money combining manufacturer coupons (mfc), Rite Aid coupons (RA), and Single Check Rebates (SCR). Seriously, you will get paid to shop there on weeks where they’ve got good SCR deals.

The second deal shows how I like to rollover any gift card deals I do at Rite Aid. If you can use one gift card to get another gift card you’re getting the most out of the deal!

By the way, I did these transactions one right after the other. I asked the cashier first and they always say it’s no problem.

Transaction #1

3 John Frieda hair products, $15 -(2) $3/1 +$2/1 mfc = $7 (+$5 SCR)
Chestal cough syrup, $7.99 (+$7 SCR)
Cramp 911, $6.99 (+$6.99 SCR)
Backaid Max, $3.49 (+$3.49 SCR)
Stopain, $6.99 (+6.99 SCR)
Total- $32.46
-$5/$25 RA coupon (here or here)
-$3 +UP reward (from transaction below- these are new and come on the bottom of the receipt to be used on your next shopping trip)
BUT, I will get a check in the mail (LOVE this- I don’t have to buy anything else, it’s just cash!) for $29.47, so I’m getting paid $5 to buy this!!!

Transaction #2

3 Cottonelle 12-pk TP @ $6.49 ea.= $19.47 -(3) .50/1 mfc + $1/1 video values (vv)= $16.97
6 Kleenex BOGO 2 @$2.49 ea. = $7.47 – .50/3 mfc + $1/3 vv = $5.97
2 Kotex U products, 2/$7 – (2) $1/1 mfc = $5 ($3 +UP reward)
= $27.94
-$5/$25 RA coupon
-$1 +UP
– $15.10 +5 gift cards
= $1.84
AND I will get a $5 gift card* for buying the Cottonelle, plus I used the $3+UP reward in the above transaction!

*I thought I was going to get another $5 GC for the Kleenex (#148), but found out it was only good on the 3-pk Kleenex. It happens, but I needed tissues, so it’s all good.

So check out Rite Aid if you are needing to cut your expenses, it’s one of the best and easiest ways to save!


This is linked to Super Savings Saturday.




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