Visa and Ebates in the Mail

Look what came in the mail today! Whoa…so cool! Much better than the regular stuff.

The $35 Visa card is from Rite Aid’s Go For the Gold rebate on P&G products. And were they ever quick with this! I just requested it two weeks ago. Gotta love Rite Aid. I got this card by spending about $34 out-of-pocket (see my recap of this deal), so I even made a few cents buying more than $100 worth of products at Rite Aid.

That, my friends, is a deal. Are you shopping at Rite Aid yet? Want to know how to navigate the waters, so to speak? See my post with steps to save at Rite Aid.

This is the third Ebates check I’ve gotten. Well, the second was actually a Visa card, which I really liked, but they said they’ve had to suspend that program and go back to the checks.

Hey, a check for over $35 dollars comes in the mail that they sent for me just doing something I would’ve normally done?

I don’t care what form it comes in, I’m not complaining. :-)

I hope you’ve signed up for Ebates and are getting this money for your normal online shopping. If you haven’t registered with Ebates before, you can go here to sign up (takes just seconds) and you will receive a $5 bonus (at your first purchase).

It’s very easy, too. You can start shopping through the Ebates site, or if you start shopping on a website first (because you forgot about Ebates…), just put your items in the shopping cart and then go to Ebates, click on the site you want (say, Old Navy) and when you get back to the site your items will still be in the cart. The first time I used Ebates, I thought once I started ordering, I couldn’t go back, but now I know the items are always in my cart (duh…sometimes takes me awhile).

If you are already registered, take advantage of shopping through Ebates (or try Cashbaq, another rebate shopping site that may have a store that Ebates doesn’t) for any online purchases you may make for presents or anything you like to purchase online. You can also earn a bonus amount every time you refer a friend. So, as an example, if you click on Ebates from this post, sign up, and make a first purchase, I will get a $5 bonus (just an example :-). And you will, too, when you refer a friend who makes a purchase.

The hardest part really is remembering (not to mention getting your spouse on board!) and learning to think of it before pushing the “purchase” button. We recently needed to buy a new computer, and I wasn’t sure if the Apple Store was one of the participating stores. A quick check, click of a button, and $17+ was coming our way!

$17 a minute? Ok, that’s a pretty good return.






  1. Jenelle says

    Just curious about shipping. i have stayed away from shopping via internet because of the shipping charges. Are you able to find most of your deals free of shipping?

  2. says

    Jenelle- Oh they were running tons of free shipping for the holidays- I didn’t pay any shipping then. Some things, like the computer, we could only get online and then the cash back covers all or most of the shipping- bonus! :-) Otherwise, it’s just based on what you’re willing to pay…

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