Weekly Deals (Or: What I Buy Without Coupons)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a weekly shopping deal post, mainly because I only shop sporadically with coupons at grocery stores anymore. When I find coupons for olive oil, flour, spices, nuts or the like, I will use them, but that doesn’t make for really exciting deal posts.
I’m not regularly buying cereal anymore (except for a box once in awhile), no crackers, no granola bars, no salad dressings or BBQ sauce. And there are great catalina deals right now on a lot of these items at both Safeway and Albertsons, but the savings is not worth the junk to me anymore.
What are we eating? Granola, toast, yogurt, eggs for breakfast, homemade baked and no-baked granola bars, and homemade salad dressings and condiments (see the recipes in Pantry Basics).
I even made crackers a few weeks ago and found they were pretty easy and tasty. I will make them again, but right now we still have some boxes of Triscuits left from last January’s deals, so I won’t make them again until we need them.
And you know what? My food budget is doing OK (see my sidebar for updates), even though I’m still figuring out about bulk buying and some of my other goals for 2010.
My family? Well, they’re having cereal withdrawals. But as long as I keep the freezer stocked with granola bars and cookies, and some tortilla chips (organic now only because of GMOs) in the cupboard they only complain every once in awhile.
However, I still get excited about the deals on beauty and household products I can get at Rite Aid (I don’t shop much at Walgreen’s anymore), and this is a significant way to keep the budget down on these typically high-cost items ($8 for razors, $10 for sunscreen!).
So I wanted to share this latest deal at Rite Aid because it is an awesome gift card deal that runs for the entire month of June and some of you may want to take advantage of it.

Here’s what I bought this week in two transactions. Most of the items go toward Rebate #555: buy $25 of certain skin care products, get a $10 gift card OR buy $50 worth of products, get a $25 Rite Aid gift card. Both also qualify for Rebate #655 a bonus $5 gift card for Wellness members (remember to use your Wellness Card for these transactions).
Don’t want to spend $50.00? Me neither! Look what I did:
Transaction #1 (*items go towards rebate card)
2 Coppertone Sun Care, $8.99 = $17.98*
– $2/1 in-ad coup., $3/1 video values coup., (2)$1/1 Internet Printable (IP)
1 Vaseline Sheer Infusion, $4.99*
– $2/1 manufacturer coupon (mfc found in Sunday paper inserts)
2 Eucerin Skin Care (BOGO, get 50% sale), $4.99 & $2.49*
– (2) $1/1 IP
2 Sure deodorants, BOGO @ $2.99
– (2) $1.50 mfc (free deodorant!)
AND use a $5/$25 coupon (at video values )
= $30.45 towards gift card rebate, but only $14.45 paid!**
**I saw people wondering about this rebate on another site because apparently the fine print in the rebate booklet says that the $25 (or $50) is after all coupons (who reads these things?), but I’ve never had a problem- the online rebate program does all the figuring and I’ve always qualified before coupons. BUT just in case they had changed something at Rite Aid, I submitted this transaction a few days before doing the second one to see if I qualified for the $10 gift card and I DID! So no worries.
Transaction #2 (for some reason, I got Wellness discounts on this transaction)
1 Banana Boat Sun Care, $6.29*
– $1/1 video values coup., $1/1 mfc
2 Jergens Natural Glow Skin care, $8.09 = $16.18*
– (2) $2/1 mfc
1 Stayfree Maxi, $1.99
– $2/1 mfc (free!)
AND use another $5/20 coupon from video values
=$22.47 towards rebate, only $11.47 paid!
So, both transactions total $52.92 in rebate items to qualify for both the $25 and $5 gift card rebates, but with only $25.92 paid, you actually make $4.08 buying all these things – yeah, Rite Aid rocks!
Last year I got all our sunscreen free with a gift card deal, and now again this year.
Gotta love it.

This is linked to Super Savings Saturday.




  1. says

    Hi Jami,
    That was the name I saw at the end of the post :)..This was great. I do love to shop with coupons. However, I don’t use them that much either simply because I’m slowly changing the way I eat..from processed foods to more organic/homemade food. I don’t like buying stuff with ingredients that a little kid can’t pronounce. My dad even loves this organic juice concentrate now..which makes me happy. He was consuming way too much sugar before.
    Anyway, I thought this was a great article. I love real food, especially without GMOs .That has beena concern of mine as well. It’s really nice to know there are other people who care about the same things. Thanks for writing. I look forward to more entries :) Greetings from Southern Oregon,
    Heather H :)

  2. says

    I have to tell you that so much of what you write about on your blog and care about in your life is very similar to my own personal goals! It is so nice to get wonderful tips (in the short time I’ve been reading your blog, I’ve gotten so many useful ideas and tips). Anyway, keep up the good work and I will keep reading. And thanks for today’s post about Rite Aid!

  3. says

    Great shopping trip! As much as I do the couponing deals, I rarely shop at Rite-Aid. I don’t like the thought of waiting on a rebate check I guess. I should change my tune though and check this out! Thanks for sharing the details!

  4. says

    Hi again Jami,
    We also have similr interests, from no till garenig to thriftiness and eating healthier, which can be hard to balance with the thrifty part, but I see that you are doing it! What are GMO’s?
    I’m glad to have found your blog and am your newest follower!

  5. mle says

    Hi there! I’m your newest follower. Congrats to your grad – and congrats to mom & dad (I know *sigh!*)

  6. says

    Thanks, Heather, Shannan, and Candi- I love hearing from you guys!

    Sharon-I’m glad to know you are following- I’ll go check out your blog. And GMOs stand for Genetically Modified seeds. They’ve fooled with the seeds in order to put round-up in them, other organisms like fish DNA, and the like. It’s scary- Europe doesn’t allow it, but most corn, canola, cottonseed (and one other, I’ve forgotten now…) is now from GMO crops. It’s very prevalent and hard to stay away from totally, but I do what I can.

    Mie- yea! Thanks…

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