Weight Loss Tips + Dinner Menus = Inspiration


Hey there, friends! Did you know that you can connect the seasonal dinner plan ebooks and the real food weight loss tips, tricks, and how-to’s I shared last spring to spur your own lifestyle change – whether it’s to lose weight or eat more healthfully?

Ha! I didn’t either until I received the following email from one of my awesome readers (which I’ve been meaning to share with you for awhile, and now that the Winter Dinner Menus ebook is done, I have an extra minute!). Denise wrote to me before the holidays and said:

I just wanted to write a quick e-mail thanking you for your Autumn E-book. I have been following it along with your {real food} weight loss plan and have found the food delicious and inexpensive.

Apart from making most of our meals from scratch (bread, salad dressing, etc.) which has gotten rave reviews by my husband (he brags about it to family and friends), I have also lost about 5 pounds so far and have been keeping the weekly shopping to around $50 a week by mostly utilizing {a local store’s} bulk foods section.

I’m traditionally a lurker when it comes to most blogs, but your excellent (and free!) resource I believe deserves some credit!

Isn’t that cool? I totally loved that it took a reader putting two and two together and then letting me in on it. Of course that’s what I do and how I really eat, it just – duh – never occurred to me to link them together for you guys. So now, thanks to Denise, I am!

As a reminder, here are the topics I touched on when I shared how I lost more weight than ever before – eating whole, real foods – more than a year ago (and I’m happy to report it is staying off and I’m still eating the same way – which you can see through the menus I’ve shared here on the blog and in the menu ebooks):

Once you have these tips – cutting portions, eating real food, making it simple but from scratch – then use the menus and shopping lists in the ebook to give you ideas of what a whole food, from scratch lifestyle looks like. And that it’s doable! And totally NOT a diet, but the way God made us – to eat good food when we’re hungry, stop when we’re full, and then forget about it and go on with all the other, more important, things in our lives.

Denise also discovered that when you plan your meals and make some things from scratch you can save money, too. It’s like a win-win-win situation: eating good food-losing weight-saving money!

And if you are finding success and inspiration from something I wrote about, I’d LOVE to know. Seriously, it’s the reason I do this. Comment or email and if you have any questions I’ll try to answer those as well.

Here’s to a wonderful and healthy new year!


  1. Lisa says

    Thank you so much for this series of posts about weight loss. I’ve been uncomfortable in my clothes for several years, but have never been able to make myself take the steps to lose weight (even though my doctor keep telling me to lose 15 pounds or so). Your tips and “cut portions in half” are so simple – it’s just the advice I need at this minute. I’m going to try this. One day at a time. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Rob Ryan says

    This is a great article! Cutting portions and eating real whole food are both great tips! I think the hardest part, for most people, is just getting started – you know, knowing what direction they should be heading in. Once you get started, in the right direction, losing weight is really not that difficult!

  3. Debbie says

    I have been looking for a good ranch dressing from scratch. Yours is awesome! I have been moving to a real food diet and your recipes are wonderful.

  4. Teresa says

    Do u ever get use to ” not overeating” or is it a battle forever? My brain says stop but I usually don’t! I want to shrink my stomach so that I will be full on less food, does this ever happen? Also, when I am focused for a few days and don’t eat as much, then I get real hungry like I want to catch up with my calories. Is this psychological? What do u think?
    Your weight loss series is my “go to” read, I have prob read it a dozen times:) I need to lose about 7-10 lbs. why is this much always the hardest to get off? LOL

    • says

      Yes, I hear you, Teresa – the last 7-10 is the hardest to lose…AND the easiest to gain back! I’m up 5 lbs since writing this which I guess answers your question that it is a constant battle. I do think it’s a bit psychological – we think we’ve been ‘good’ so we need a ‘reward.’ Or at least I think I feel that subconsciously. :) On a good note, though, it HAS become second nature to take less most of the time and to not snack as much, filling in with water, coffee, or tea (depending on the time of day and weather). Key for me is also to think of other things and not look at recipes on Pinterest when I’m hungry – stuff like that. I’m glad I’m providing some kind of inspiration for you Teresa – that makes me happy to hear. :)

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