What I’m Doing On Black Friday

The short answer is, “Not shopping.”

I gave a long answer last year around this time, complete with suggestions of homemade gifts you could give if you like to avoid all the “black Friday” hubbub, too.

Some of them will sound familiar because I’ve gone into more detail on some for the Handmade Gifts series I’m doing (look for more ideas in to coming weeks, including super easy bulletin board decor, a simple homemade clock tutorial, and thrift store rehabs).

There’s another answer, too. We’re participating in another family work day, cleaning up yard debris, putting up holiday lights, and raking leaves. It’s just a short one so we can finish in time for the Oregon Ducks football game.

Sheesh, I can’t believe I just brought sports into this blog, but the Ducks are #1 for the first time in their history, and you pretty much can’t get away from it where I live…

What are you all doing on this “Black Friday?”






  1. says

    I refuse to go out there with all the nuts on Black Fri. I did it once yrs ago and swore never again. I dont need anything that bad to fight traffic, parking and people.

    Today Im cleaning up the last of the dishes, then Im taking down all of the holiday stuff to get ready for Christmas decor. Leftovers today for dinner……..and maybe start laundry too. But then I need to get serious and get my fruitcakes made this week and start Christmas decorating. With the snow we have had and the cold , Im so feeling the need for Christmas already! :)

  2. says

    I love your blog. We just moved up here – and have yard care for the first time in our lives. Should we rake up all the leaves? There are some on the grass and lots on the sod under the trees…husband thinks it’s a “blanket” for winter. I think it will kill the grass. But if I don’t have to do it, please let me know so I don’t freeze tomorrow.

    I love your projects and I’m learning a lot! Keep the posts coming – I check often!

  3. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    Kathryn- Yes, leaves left on grass will kill it over the winter. We rake ours into piles, run the mower over them to chop them and collect them in the mower bag and then deposit them on the flower or vegetables beds or in the compost.

    We also rake up pine needles (don’t know if you have any) and put those under the blueberries, rhodies, and azaleas which all like the acid the pine needles release into the soil as they break down.

    Have fun- but don’t freeze. :-)

  4. says

    On Black Friday I only went to Walmart in the afternoon. I missed the crazy rush and it wasn’t busy at all. There were a few deals I bought, but nothing expensive. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment!

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