What’s Blooming Now?

Some of the blooms of fall are my favorite of all. A lot of people have hot colors now (reds, oranges), but I still like my pastels with a little yellow and white thrown in for balance.

I love this combo in front of my house. A few blooms of a hardy geranium compliment the wild blooms of this Aster “Monch” tempered with a light yellow nasturtium. The tag of the aster said it would bloom June to October, but it doesn’t start blooming for me until the end of July. It’s a bit shady here, so that could be why.

A pastel yarrow I just planted a few months ago just continues to bloom, filling an empty space quickly. I love that.

My cosmos are continuing to bloom bless their hearts- I haven’t watered them in a long while.

The purple flower in the upper left is a sweet pea bloom, believe it or not. Usually they’re all bloomed out and dead from the August heat, but they just keep going this year. Granted, the plants look half dead, but they’re still putting out blooms!

This is the one plant I have repeated all over my yard (like all the books say you should, and I’m still working on…). It’s super easy care for me and blooms in shade, sun, or dry.

I actually remembered to top all of these Michaelmas daisies off in July, so for the first time in years they’re not all flopping over.

But it hasn’t rained a lot yet.

I really do plan to plant more of these around- I love all the stages of the sedums. This could be an “Autumn Joy” or another very similar variety.

This is planted under a 60-foot fir tree that makes it difficult for any plant to get enough water. So it’s a bit small, but it’s thriving compared to what it was when I moved here.

I’m just happy anything stays alive under that tree, let alone grows…

Ah, one of the reasons I love fall so much is this beautiful purple-green shade that the hydrangeas turn. It’s the reason I put up with the garish blue color of July.

Just a few more weeks and I’ll be able to bring them in to fill the mantle. I love to combine them with the little “Baby Boo” white pumpkins and some candles. That’s my nontraditional fall combo.

And what would fall be without pumpkins? I grow these big things for my daughter. She carves them and we put them out front for the holiday.

Me? I like the “Lumnina” white pumpkin. I put one on a cake stand last year for Thanksgiving in the center of the table with some leaves and candles.

Perfect. And no orange in sight.

May Dreams Gardens has lots more pictures of blooming gardens for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day– take a look.






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    I like your color pallet. I’m not a huge fan of orange either. Or yellow. Some of the more subtle shades of these colors are very nice though. I grow pumpkins for the pies :)

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