What’s Growing Now: Late May

I love clematis and have quite a few. This one is a no-name that was in a discount package of three labeled “Purple Clematis.” Three years later, two have made it and both are this, which seems to me more pink than purple. I think it’s probably a “Nelly Moser.”

The foxglove are just opening up here, along with the Japanese Iris. The pink blooms just visible in the upper left are Weigela, which are common, but I love so I have two!
The silvery small bush is a variegated Red-Twig Dogwood. It doesn’t bloom, but gives all-season interest with its coloring.

I had to show this Viburnum, because it’s one of my favorites, although it’s at the tail end of it’s bloom. I love the way the blooms are sort of in layers. It’s big, though, so you need to give it lots of room!

The pink-red blooms in the upper left are Centranthus Ruber which I’ve always liked for it’s gentle reseeding and reliable rebloom. I’ve read some who find it too weedy, but I don’t have that problem here. This back boarder is not the best soil!
In the vegetable garden, I’ve been harvesting the chard leaves along with the lettuce mix as baby leaves for a few weeks now. The peas look like they’re finally going to grow. I just can’t figure out what’s gone on with them this year, I’ve just never encountered this problem with them before.

Potato patch update: They are growing and looking good. I will wait until they are about a foot taller before hilling up more with the straw.

I get the most comments from people walking by about this bed- they all want to know what I am growing in the straw!

Head lettuce and Walla Walla onions are looking good. I just planted the peppers out about a week ago, and it’s been dry and warm since then, so the challenge has been to give them enough water to get established. They’ll perk up here in the next few weeks with regular watering.

I’m leaving you with this: A beautiful salmon-pink oriental poppy. I have been coddling two of these plants for two years, waiting for blooms. Only one bloomed a few blooms last year and finally both plants are loaded with buds.

The only problem is…

The second plant bloomed two days ago for the first time- a bright orange-red! Ugh- I hate when that happens. The plant was obviously mis-labeled, and I have spent this time on a plant I’m going to have to dig up and give to someone who wants red in their garden.

Trials and tribulation… (tongue firmly in cheek!)
Hope your garden is flourishing. Leave a link in the comments if you post any pictures – I’d love to see!


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    beautiful plants! I’m a lurker hehehe. I have started my gardening adventures for the first time this year. I hope mine turns out like yours. I’m so ambitious.

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