What’s Growing Now: Mid-June

Ah, roses. Old-fashioned, multi-petaled pastel ones are my favorite. In our city house, I went crazy with the roses and had about 30 bushes and climbers on a 50 x 100′ lot. It was too much work (ever prune a climbing rose that is 20’?) and I decided I would only plant a few favorites here. I only have 5, although I am constantly seduced by pictures in catalogs.

It helps that we have deer and the only place I can grow them is the backyard…

We also apparently have Japanese Beetles, though I’ve yet to see one. I only see the holes left in the leaves of the roses (which I never had in the city, believe it or not).

I love fleabane, this small daisy-like flower. It’s perfect front of the border and is light and airy looking. It does reseed, but gently, giving me some new plants I can move to where I want. It’s not aggressive for me at all.

Another rose, this one a little more classical looking. The promise here was easy care and tons of blooms. I like the blush pink color.

So far, it’s leaves aren’t too riddled with holes, but only time will tell. What does one do with Japanese Beetles? I’ve only read how you are supposed to pick them off, but I swear I’ve never seen one.

I just had to take a picture of this because it’s my favorite color combination, purple and yellow. This is bachelor’s buttons and yarrow, but I try to put these two color together wherever I can.

And this is the harvest from the vegetable garden. Two heads of butterhead lettuce (isn’t the coloring on the red one just wonderful?), and thinnings of beets and carrots. Gardeners call them thinnings, but gourmet restaurants call them “baby” vegetables. I roasted them last night and they were sweet and tender, whatever they are called.

I’ve read that some people are harvesting their peas, but I’m still in the waiting mode, though I do see some little pods (finally!).

What things are growing for you?






  1. says

    We are eating tomatoes and swiss chard right now. I am freezing the blackberries as they come. We are waiting on the cucumbers and zucchini, which are taking an abnormally long time.

    We are also eating apricots, and our plums should be ready this week.

  2. Shyra says

    Hi Jami! I’m looking forward to trying your Meditteranean Fish Bake. Looks so yummy! I love all your photos and am enjoying your blog.

  3. Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

    Prudent- Ah! I saw you live in Nevada, otherwise I might not believe you already have tomatoes! And apricots, oh my!

    Glad you liked it – I’m looking forward to seeing your blog!

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