When Seeds Sprout

One of the things I enjoy about starting my garden vegetables from seed is the thrill I get when they sprout. It’s just such a little miracle.
You put this dry, brown thing in more dry brown stuff, add some water and – poof! Plants emerge.
Real, green living things.
And sometimes they’re pretty old seeds and I think, “nothing will happen this time,” but they still emerge. I just noticed today that five-year-old parsley seed sprouted, and since parsley is notorious for taking a long time to germinate, if at all, I was highly doubtful.
But I saw the little seedlings (two!) and threw my hands in the air and shouted, “I’m king of the world!”
Just kidding. But I was pretty happy to see them.
And to think I’m going to grow them (some to five feet or more!) and harvest vegetables that I will feed my family is truly a miracle to me that never gets old, even after years of growing vegetables.
I’m like Thomas: every year I doubt the seeds will sprout and every year they do, renewing my faith.
It’s simple and pure and definitely a fine thing.

*This is linked to Finer Things Friday.
*Also, I’ve linked my old post about Gardening the No-Till Way to Heavenly Homemakers 2010 edition of The Little Green Project. There are lots of great “green” ideas to check out!




  1. Jenelle says

    My seads just started to sprout too! I can’t believe how fast it happened. Now I’m getting worried because my garden is no where near ready to plant them in yet.

    I’ve never started seads indoors before. How long can I let them go before I need to re-plant?

  2. Aliceson says

    I started all of my plants indoors this year for the first time and I must admit that I went down to the basement to check them TWICE a day. It was so exciting to see them emerge then grow like crazy!

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