Thrift Store Transformations: White Trophies

White Painted Trophies

I usually find a lot of inspiration when I look at magazines, catalogs, and advertisements – not only for decorating ideas (or, um…even to actually buy something…), but for things that make me say, “I can make that!”

And when you regularly shop at thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets, you start to get an idea of the types of things normally found there which makes it even easier to replicate an inspiration photo for a lot less.


The inspiration for the white trophies was this collection from Target advertised in a magazine about a month ago. I have often seen plastic trophies at thrift stores and I knew it would be easy to replicate this look by spray painting them.

Yeah…paint again. I tell you, it’s a miracle-worker!

Now, it’s true that the small trophy vase at Target is not too expensive at $14.99 and it is made of ceramic – but it’s also sort of a trendy item that I’m not sure will last, so getting the look for less is a way to keep current without breaking the bank. Plus, if you want a grouping like in the picture it would add up quickly.


Two thrift stores later, I came home with these two plastic beauties that set me back .99 each.


By the time I was ready to paint them, I had found another smaller metal sugar bowl with a trophy shape that I added to the mix.

I have to be honest – these took quite a few light coats of spray paint (Rustoleum’s Heirloom White) over a couple of days. Well, not the tall, super cheapy-lightweight plastic one, surprisingly. It took to paint like a duck to water.

That copper color, though, was not wanting to be covered, and the silver sugar bowl was darker and took a number of coats as well. But part of this longer process is that lots of light coats are crucial to a finish without runs or globby parts.

And I’ve had my share of runs and globs before I fully embraced this concept. I was initially all, “oh, let’s get this baby done!” and tried to do only two (or even one!) coat when I spray painted things. Live and learn.


When they were finally finished I really liked how they turned out. I think they are a fun addition to our living room shelves and coordinate with the white ceramic pieces I collect nicely.


The total cost was $3.00 (ok, really $2.97…) plus maybe 1/4 of a can of paint for another dollar. And for that I have a current look that would’ve cost almost $45 for three items.

Yes, I know they’re not the same, and they are smaller – but really, don’t you think they do a good job of replicating the look?

Especially for four bucks?


31-days of Thrift Store TransformationsThis is day 10 in our series (you can click on the button to see all the posts in the category). If you’re wondering what’s up, you can read the introduction to 31 Days of Thrift Store Transformations here. I’m taking a little liberty and using the term “thrift store” to stand for anything you buy used (and cheap!), be it from a store, garage/estate sale, flea market…whatever.

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  1. amy says

    What a great way to store what would otherwise go in a miscellaneous/junk drawer. I’ll make some to go on my white dishes shelf for all the random stuff I use a lot but that ends up cluttering the kitchen counter. Thanks again!

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