The Winter Dinner Menus Ebook is Here!

Can you tell by my title that I’m always excited to announce when the next seasonal dinner menu ebook is ready? That’s because I always think I’m going to get it done at least three weeks before it’s actually ready, and so it’s like a huge sigh of relief to be able to say, “It’s Ready!”


So, here goes: The next installment of our seasonal dinner menu-planning ebook is here!

Winter Dinner Menus: Simple, Seasonal, and From Scratch again has all the same great information as the Summer and Autumn editions (read: if you’ve read the first books, you can skip right to the menus and shopping lists), with all new menus and recipes that reflect the season. Which this time around is all about comfort food: hearty stews and soups, slow cooker meals, and roasted meats/vegetables.

Again you will find five weeks of menus and shopping lists with links to corresponding AOC recipes. You can visit this page to get more information (and this is also the page to link to if you’d care to share about this – tweet, pin, status update…whatever – which of course I thank you for, from the bottom of my heart…).

The Winter Dinner Menus ebooklet is free, just like the previous seasons, for all subscribers to An Oregon Cottage!

How can you access the ebook? It’s easy:
  • If you don’t already subscribe: simply enter your email address in the green “Subscribe & Connect” box in the sidebar (right under the “welcome” box) OR on the Dinner Menus Landing Page (located in the green menu bar above under the title “Free Ebook”). You will receive an email asking you to verify your subscription and once you do that you will receive the next AOC update which will include the link to the FREE ebook at the bottom of the email.
  • If you already subscribe: look for the link to the ebook at the bottom of your next email or rss update from An Oregon Cottage.

Oh, and just a reminder: blog updates go out in the mornings only after a new post, so they aren’t immediate after newly subscribing and verifying. Current subscribers can find the link in the bottom of your next email update, as well every new one after that.

I hope you’re finding the menus inspiring and helpful to you on your way to a cost-saving (and sanity-saving!) menu planning lifestyle. Oh, FYI: I plan to release the last edition in this seasonal series, Spring Dinner Menus, in April which will be available free for two months. After that time I will bundle all the menus and shopping lists into one ebook – combining it with real-food weight loss tips – to offer as a bona fide ebook here and hopefully on Amazon, too!

So I’d love any feedback you have on how you’ve used the menus and if they’ve helped -and make sure to download all yours, free, while they’re available.




P.S. We’re only offering this ebook as a PDF file right now – we just had a time crunch and weren’t sure how many were actually using the epub format. Please leave a comment and let us know if you used the previous epub versions and want us to create a file for this as well – thanks!


    • Jami says

      I know, I’m SO sorry!! I waited too long I guess before I updated the link (it was still before the email went out) and it didn’t put the new one in – hopefully all will be well with the next update scheduled for Wednesday morning. It should arrive after 11 am. :)

  1. Karen says

    I am with SweetJeanette on this……….in my email there was no link to download the winter book, only the Autumn one (which I did, hehehe). Thanks, I just love your blog!

  2. Soccy says

    I think I deleted my summer ebook. Any way to download it again? Thanks for the recipes. I thoroughly enjoyed the autumn ebook. Wonderful recipes. Looking forward to the winter ebook.

    • Jami says

      Hey, Teresa! Did you find the link waaaay at the bottom of the email, right after “Here’s the link to the Free ebook” sentence? It’s a pdf, so when you click on it, it should open in a new window and you can choose to save it to your desktop by right-clicking. You’ll need a pdf reader, like Adobe, for this. Let me know if it works – it worked on the email that comes to me, so it should for you!

  3. says

    Thank you so much! I am so excited to try some of these recipes. I get in a rut with meal planning, and I think this ebook will be so helpful. I also appreciate how thorough you are with your recipes–every question I had while I was reading through them was linked to or explained more in depth. I just found your site, so I am looking forward to the Spring Menu book, and also hope that I will be able to access the Summer and Autumn ones!

    • Jami says

      You’ll find the link for the ebook at the very bottom of any email blog post update you receive. Click on it and it will open in a new window and you can right-click to save to your desktop. Thanks for subscribing – I hope you enjoy it!

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