A Winter Mantel of Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass Winter Mantel

I’m loving my simple mercury glass winter mantel right now. Seriously- every time I walk by I think how much I love it – which is something considering how simple it is. Maybe after all the holiday decorations, I was just ready for something quiet and beautiful.

Mercury Glass Winer Mantel

Actually, all of these things were a part of our Christmas mantel: I left the pine cone topiaries where they were and just grouped all the mercury glass together in front of my newly painted window frame.

How easy is that? I simply edited what I had and eliminated lots of holiday decorations, and voila! A pared down winter mantel.

Mercury Glass Winter Mantel

I love seeing the candles lit- the warm flames against the cold glass…like our warm homes protecting us from the frigid air outside.

Or something. That’s as close as I get to waxing poetic around here.

Do you decorate for winter?


  1. Thoughts for the day says

    Looks awesome, I haven’t even finished with the taking down Christmas yet. Perhaps I should do some valentine hearts?

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