Wood Counters, Reminders, & Monday’s Menu

How’s that for a definitive title? I thought it was a bit more explanatory than “odds & ends” or “everything I can think of” or some some random-thought kind of title. I could’ve written “A Week of Jami’s Life: All About Wood Counters” but even I don’t want to think about all that right now (I have to let a bit of time go by first…).

But I can unequivocally state that prepping and installing 1 1/2-thick oak wood counters and a food-related holiday like Thanksgiving really don’t mix very well.

As if you needed me to tell you that.

And where do we stand? Not done yet. But getting close. This is the lone photo I have for you right now:

wood counters

I wanted a dark finish that a contrasted with the painted white surfaces, so I’m happy with that. How I got there…not so much.

The breakfast bar in the photo is the original wood veneer that was full of water marks and stains which we refinished to match the counters, and not only does the dark stain cover the sins of 25+ years of use, but also coordinates the two woods together nicely. So – happy about that.

What am I not happy about? The thicker counters we had to get because our Portland Ikea store is perpetually out of the thinner (and cheaper) counters were much harder to work with. Heavier. Harder to cut. And the oak (again – no choice, the other woods weren’t in stock, either) is rougher than I had envisioned because of the distinct graining. We sanded a lot and there still is a roughness when compared to our other Ikea counter.

But the worst was the fact that when we cut the hole for the sink, a section where the oak was joined came apart right in the front. Not only is it unsightly, but this is the sink area where lots of water will be. I mean – hello? They’re counters made to have holes for sinks cut out. Sigh. So we’ve glued, clamped, filled, restained, and recoated with poly which will hopefully make it water-tight again. But not. happy. about. it.

I’m hoping that we’ll be able to put the last pieces of molding on and complete the other little finishing tasks during this next week so I’ll be able to share a full kitchen reveal after that. Which of course I’ll be happy about.

As for reminders:

– Please don’t forget about the awesome Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery giveaway that’s still going on! I’m really excited that one of you will win $100 gift card to Staples because the MSHO line has really quality, useful items (like the removable jar labels – I swear, I think they’re my favorite thing because they are just so easy to remove!). I don’t do many reviews or giveaways, ’cause I only want to bring things to you I really like – and this line is something I really like. Which you probably could tell from my before-and-after desk photos, huh?

-I also wanted to mention that Amy Lynn Andrew’s ebook, Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free – a great source of ideas for better managing your time that I reviewed here – is FREE ON AMAZON all day today, Cyber Monday, and also all day Tuesday (November 26 & 27). Not only will you snag the $4.99 savings from the regular price, but you’ll be set for the “something special” that Amy is putting together for January so we can all get more organized together! You’ll be able to pull it out again once 2013 rolls around and help the new year start off on the right foot.

MPM-button-Fall12 Because our kitchen’s been out of service, we haven’t had our own turkey dinner I traditionally make the weekend after Thanksgiving, but you can see it’s on the menu for Monday. Then we’ll have some of the leftovers I love so much – though I’m sure you guys are probably sick of them by now.

What is your favorite way to use turkey leftovers – soup? pasta? enchiladas?

Monday– Roast turkey, sausage and dried cranberry dressing, smashed garlic potatoes, Broccoli Parmesan, Garlic Green Beans, maple-orange cranberry sauce, Soft 100% Whole Wheat Rolls

TuesdaySlow Cooker Turkey Chili, cornbread with honey-butter, Chopped Salad

Wednesday– Creamy turkey-rice soup (made like this regular noodle soup, but with rice and added cream), Easy Sourdough Artisan Bread, carrots & homemade Ranch Dip

Thursday– Baked turkey-bean burritos (made with leftover chili from Tuesday), cabbage & kale slaw dressed with homemade vinaigrette

Friday Salmon cakes on soba noodles with green beans

Saturday– Burgers on Quick & Tender Homemade Buns, oven fries, carrot & pepper sticks

Sunday – leftovers



  1. HA says

    Wood counters are difficult around a sink, perhaps you should have gone
    with a stone counter? Or cement counters? There are gorgeous works of
    art in this type. I have seen finishes that looked like soapstone…impressive!
    Anyway, good luck in your repairs.

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