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  1. Glad your daughter is home safe and well from her travels, I too think it helps to make them more rounded human beings to see other countries and their peoples first hand. It’s hard on the parents though and thank goodness for modern technology!
    I made the pickled green beans this week, new for me. Not sure what they will taste like but if we love them it will be on next years list. A quick query, how long do they need to be canned before we can try them? Will definitely check out the video, but as you know, your old tutorial gave me the confidence to try canning. I’m so glad I did, I get a little nervous every year before I start the new season but once you start it’s so easy. Thanks for all the information. Did I say that I made the pesto this year and froze in silicon ice cube trays, I then bagged them in a ziplock. We have tried a cube each on top of salmon fillets baked with part cooked green beans it worked out really well. Happy Weekend.

  2. Hi Jami-

    Just a quick question about the headphones- do you need a phone or can they connect with an ipad or laptop?