Video: How To Make Macchiato-Style Cappuccinos

How to Make A Macchiato-style Cappuccino Video Tutorial - An Oregon Cottage

When I posted the recipe for homemade chocolate sauce more than a year ago, I mentioned that my husband, Brian, has drizzled it on the cappuccinos he has made almost every morning since our daughter was born – fourteen years ago.

I kid you not. (Update: 18 years and counting…)

Here’s the story: we received a new cappuccino maker for Christmas in 1995. We were polite, but each of us wondered if we’d ever use it. I mean, it just seemed like it would be hard and we liked regular coffee. So we put it aside and just kept making our coffee the regular way.

Little did we know that the cappuccinos that machine would eventually make would become like lifeblood to us.

When our daughter was born three months later, we were not only sleep deprived, but also sort of shell-shocked from having to entertain our 3-year old during the day even though we had been awake most of the night. I know, I know…duh. None of this is news to anyone with more than one child. But what it did was spur Brian to figure out this new machine. A cappuccino just sounded so good.

And it wasn’t hard – it was actually easy once he got the hang of it. And they were really good…soon we didn’t want to go without our morning capp – we became slightly addicted.

Making a Macchiato-style Cappuccino - An Oregon Cottage

So after fourteen+ years of using the machine almost every day, Brian has developed a system to make the easiest (and tastiest) cappuccinos at home, which he found out are actually a macchiato-style where you pour the espresso through the foamy milk. We love them so much we want to share what Brian’s learned and make sure everyone can have the tools to use their machine to make wonderful macchiato-style cappuccinos, too. So Brian created a step-by-step video with everything you need to know – you really can do it, too. Honest.

Wondering if it’s worth it? Just for fun (because we wouldn’t actually have bought cappuccinos everyday…) we did a little math on the approximate amount it would’ve cost us over the years buying a daily $2.50 drink at a coffee shop:

  • Two double cappuccinos @ $2.50 each for one year = $1,820 (We’re going to round it down to $1,500 to account for time on vacations, etc., though we’ve been known to take the machine with us to hotels!)
  • $1,500 x 14 years = $21,000!
  • our approximate cost (though we’re using today’s prices, so it may be less…) using 3 lb. bags of Costco coffee we buy for $12.00 and milk= $137 a year
  • $137 x 14 years = $1,918 for a savings of: $19,082!!!!

Wow, it’s sorta shocking to see the amount that can be spent buying a couple of innocent cups of coffee each day, isn’t it? So now that I’ve really got your attention, watch Brian’s tutorial to learn how to treat yourself at home to wonderful macchiato-style cappuccinos – and save a bundle. Brian also provides tips on the best machine to buy – where to buy it (hint: we find a lot at thrift stores!) and how to get perfect foam.

Watch this video full size on YouTube.

When I showed the calculations of our savings to Brian, he immediately asked, “And what do we have to show for all that savings?”

To which I answered, “The kids teeth.”


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  1. says

    you guys are a cute couple!
    and let me just introduce myself – I’m Shannan and I live just up the road from you in Salem:) I linked up on your Oregon garden party this past week and I am so grateful that I finally have other gardeners to follow and blog with. I absolutely just love to garden – it is a million times better for me than Prozac!

    Oh – and may I just say that we just received a hand me down espresso machine this past Christmas and we seriously make 2-3 delicious lattes every day! I like soy milk and my husband likes triple or quad shots so you can imagine what our savings have been! I’m glad I found you! have a great weekend

  2. says

    Shannan- So glad you introduced yourself :-) and I think your garden in Salem is lovely! A girl after my own heart with raised beds and gravel. It’s a look I just love, so clean and beautiful, yet really functional. I love seeing what other gardens look like- either to steal ideas or just be inspired, so I’m so glad people found it and linked- thanks! I’m looking forward to this Tuesday. :-)

  3. says

    Question please – what kind of milk do you use? We tried your method with our Braun for Mother’s Day. I really enjoyed the fact that the steam made for a really hot cup of coffee – we had been making the foam with milk that had been placed in the freezer for about 15 minutes, which works well but cools the coffee down. We tried making the foam with lactose free milk. Not good foam. Do you use whole milk or skim milk and do you find it makes a difference? With the freezer method, we have had the best luck with skim. Oh, and thank you so much for the recipe for the chocolate syrup – will make that for next weekend!

  4. says

    Loricello- Hi- glad you gave it a try! I’ve actually not heard of freezing the milk for better foam, but I don’t think I’d like the cooling effect…I like my coffee hot!

    We use 2% milk now (for real food advocates, we should be using full fat milk, preferably raw!), but we have used both skim and 1% with good results. The more fat, though, the richer the flavor. Brian still got a decent foam with skim, though. I think that’s why he likes the models with the “perfect foam” rubber nozzles attached to the steamer.

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