My “Word Of The Year”

I mentioned in my goals for the coming year that I decided to follow some of my favorite bloggers (like Layla at The Lettered Cottage) and adopt a “word of the year.” Although I have to admit, I thought it was kinda odd at first – why a word?

But as I was writing my goals, a word popped into my head without any thought on my part – spurred, no doubt, by the mood I was in:


No, not a lofty word like wisdom, or an inspiring word like courageous. Not even a fun word like do or grow.

Eliminate fit my frame of mind after a few months of feeling dissatisfied with my surroundings (not ungrateful, though!!), and then spending the holiday break getting to know a new blog, A Country Farmhouse (another Oregon house- woot!). This farmhouse is spare – furnished with just what’s needed and beautiful – and yet is warm and inviting. I looked at the incredible pictures and looked around at my workroom and realized that I had a lot of things that I did not “know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” (William Morris).

And I’m not talking about clutter, either. We’ve decluttered many times, bringing breathing space to our living room shelves, holding a garage sale, and donating huge amounts to thrift stores. No, this is a whole new ball game: looking at EVERYTHING in our house with a new eye:

Is is useful, or do I believe it to be beautiful?

So based on this, what am I thinking about eliminating this year? Well, stuff for sure. Definitely the vintage linens I’ve collected and don’t do anything with, and the mounds of fabric that accumulate when you’ve sewn for 30 years. But also the dresser we found on the side of the road twenty years ago, which was my first refinishing project, and a solid oak footstool I found for a dollar ($1.00!!) that has never fit anywhere.

I’m even looking at our china cabinet differently. It has a story and was redone by us (like most things we own), but it’s never been my favorite. And I’m not sure it’s even as functional as a “real” china cabinet would be.

So 2012 will eliminate some things – maybe to be replaced by others, maybe not – but I think things will certainly look different around here this time next year.

What do you think? Did you pick a “word for the year?”


The Lettered Cottage




    • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

      I visited your blog, but didn’t see a word post- are you planning one? So sorry about your losses…

  1. Thoughts for the day says

    I love the concept of one word for the year, two years ago my word was grief, and we had lots of it that year, last year my word was rest and believe me we had LOTS of reasons to rest.
    This year my word is INTENTION to be intentional in all things starting with relationships. AND TO eliminate too. Our house is full of collectibles. SO let us encourage each other since we are both from Oregon Oh I LOVE the other blog she is awesome and it is so beautiful. (have you visited my blog?)

    • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

      Yes, do you remember asking me to look at it and all the trouble I had getting in? :-) I see that you’ve just opened it up to everyone- good for you, Sharon! It is never easy putting ourselves “out there.” I know. And intentional is a great word! You do seem to have “something to think about” on your blog. 😉


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