Thrifted Oil Paintings Gallery Wall and A Basket: ORC Week Two

Week two of my master bedroom one room challenge {ORC} found me scrambling to finish something to be able to share with you! But that’s actually one of the reasons I signed up for this challenge – there always seems to be things that get in the way of acting on the ideas I have had for our bedroom for awhile now. Birthday dinners, out-of-town trips, guests {all in the same weekend!} – none of it matters when the decorating gauntlet has been thrown down!

Arranging paintings on floor

Since four of these thrift store paintings have been sitting on our bedroom floor for months {a-hem}, I figured that was a good place to start. I laid them out on the floor as a way to start composing a gallery wall around the two large florals and the two water landscapes and then walked around the house looking for other things to fill in above and below them.

Thrift Store Oil Paintings Gallery Wall

I found one more landscape and a couple sweet round florals, but still had empty spaces. Since I didn’t want to make a special trip to a thrift store just to buy more paintings {this was supposed to be a way to use the paintings I already had – I don’t need more!}, I gathered a few items from my craft stash: three gold keys hung with a piece of jute on one of my vintage-jewerly thumbtacks and a small wood carving that I painted, glued to burlap and then attached to an old frame.

Thift store painting gallery wall

I kinda like how it turned out, even though I originally thought that all the paintings needed to be either florals or landscapes and that I shouldn’t mix them. But I didn’t have enough of either and I’m thinking it’s okay that the thing they have in common is that they’re all oil paintings – right?

Although now that I’m looking at it in this photo {which makes the space from the center painting on either side look uneven, but it’s the same width – I measured! – and is lopsided because I was standing to the side trying to get the most light in this dim room} I’m wondering if the wood carving should be painted a dark gold to coordinate with the round frames and keys more? Or would it blend too much into the burlap then?

Want to know the irony here? This didn’t take very long to do! I think I spent 20 minutes hunting for things in my house, 10 minutes doing the ‘crafty’ stuff {painting and gluing}, and maybe 10 minutes to hang them. Less than an hour. Sheesh – why have I been living with them on the floor all this time?

Painting a Thrift Store Basket

Another thing on my to-do list (see a full list at the bottom of the post) was to find a basket to fit on the bottom of the antique sewing machine that I am using for my side table. It’s always bugged me that you could see the outlet and all the cords hanging from the light and my phone charger.

We made a quick stop at a Portland thrift store on our way through over the weekend and I grabbed this basket for $3.99 as soon as I saw it! I didn’t even measure, ’cause it’s a great size and if it didn’t fit, I could always use it somewhere else. When we got home I did a little happy dance when I saw it fit perfectly {how often does that happen, really?}, but realized at the same time that the white color did NOT look good.

That’s nothing that a bit of brown spray paint can’t fix, though.

Vintage Sewing Machine Nightstand

The brown color blends much nicer with the wood and iron of the sewing cabinet, don’t you think? But then I saw that I could still see some of the outlet, so I added a vintage wool throw with coral stripes. And the bonus from that? It’s another pop of the coral color I want to introduce – sometimes fun things just happen.

We’re just gonna ignore the empty phone jack on the right, okay? You’re not supposed to know that the phone is now there just for looks – we got rid of our home phone service a few years ago!

Phone jack…what phone jack?

Master Bedroom To-Do List:
  1. Add a fun plate wall over the bed in shades of white, green, and coral.
  2. Repaint lamp bases.
  3. Add interesting texture to lamp shades or stencil them.
  4. Make a decorative pillow with a graphic coral fabric for the bed.
  5. Create an art wall with the original art we’ve collected through the years at thrift stores (remember when Brian made this funny video about his thrifted ‘bad art’ collection?)
  6. Make or buy a new duvet.
  7. Find a basket to fit under the antique sewing machine/nightstand.
  8. Add a coral pillow to the chair.
  9. Edit the dresser to be less cluttery.
  10. Purchase bamboo blinds? Or attempt to clean roman shades?
  11. Paint or just remove lamp in corner {I don’t really use it}.
  12. Rehang the mirror on our door.
  13. Replace the dusty, years-old dried flowers from the backyard with something –anything – else.

So week two recap: 2 down, 11 to go. I better get busy!


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  1. Tami says

    Oh I love it! Personally I wouldn’t paint the carving gold, at least not solid gold, maybe brush a little on to antique it or add another little gold element to it if that is possible. Personally the only thing that bothered my eye was the lower left corner picture that isn’t framed…but I like things a little more matchy, matchy than some. Honestly it looks great! You have inspired me to do a gallery wall in my craft room using my nieces art work from younger years. I found frames for 5 cents at a yard sale last week ( some where cheap plastic ) a half a can of black spray paint that also covers plastic in my husbands garage ( left over from a project ) and I am using a big frame off a yard sale mirror my husband bought ( he only wanted the mirror and the frame would have ended up on the burn pile. He asked me if I had a use for it…why yes I do!!)

    On a different note…I made some green tomtao salsa yesterday, it is called salsa verde out of the ball complete book of canning. It taste good! Good use for green tomatoes!

  2. AndiW says

    I love your painting montage. Is that one more interesting way to express “collection”? Either way, you know what I mean. Thrifted paintings. We’ve purchased a few that way before… Love your creativity. And this all reminds me of my favorite video of Brian explaining the paintings!! Hahahaha! Ahem. Enough. Enjoy your creativity, Jami! 😀

    • says

      Ha!’Montage’ sounds so sophisticated, doesn’t it? Which I think Brian was trying to skewer in the video…he’s so weird! Glad you’ve always gotten his humor, Andi.:)

  3. says

    Love it all! I wouldn’t paint the wood cut out gold, I think it would blend too much.
    Those flower paintings remind me of my Granny’s paintings. I love them.

  4. Deloris says

    Oh, I am coveting your big picture of the roses in the vase!
    I have bare bedroom walls and have been wondering what in the world to do with them.
    Thanks for the great ideas — I loved your arrangement.

  5. says

    That gallery wall is simply charming!!!! Love the mix and the arrangement Jami! And that vintage sewing machine/bedside table is pure genius! Can’t wait to see more!

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