Vintage Sheet Music Wreath

Vintage Sheet Music Wreath

Here is my favorite new item that I made for this Christmas season and alluded to when I wrote about our new ornaments and decorations using vintage book pages: a vintage sheet music wreath!

Isn’t she something? I really, really like what it brings to the entry area of our great room. Since it tops out at about 23 inches around, you can pretty much see if from wherever you stand.

To make it, I rolled cones out of each sheet of music and hot glued (and taped, as the hot glue needed time to dry) them closed so they wouldn’t unroll. I made one at a time and used more hot glue to attach the first row to a cardboard wreath cut-out I made and to attach the smaller cones of the second row to the first.

Basically just a lot of rolling and hot-gluing.

It was not hard, using these directions from Miss Mustard Seed, but it took a bit of time, so I stopped at two layers. In person, it looks fine, but these pictures make it look a bit two-dimensional, so I might add another little layer in the center.

Of course that would happen later, if it happens at all.

I used actual music sheets from the 30s, 40s, and 50s that I had been collecting since last summer. They have an authentic worn and faded color that I love.

The majority of the sheets for this came from a student’s practice book from the 1940s- complete with the teacher’s penciled writings of when it was due, which I think adds so much character.

I also love some of the titles of the pieces. One in the photo above is called, “Right Hand Alone.”

I’ve got a couple of “Trills” and “Universal Rhythms.”

And of course you’ve got to have “Equality in Both Hands” as well as “Thirds.”

I’ve pretty much just been ogling it every time I walk by and showing it to whoever makes the mistake of coming to our house since I’ve decorated. Then my sister-in-law threw me for a loop when she asked, “How are you going to store that?”

Sheesh, I hadn’t thought of that. I did mention it was big, didn’t I? And made of paper?

Ugh. Guess I better be on the look-out for a box big enough to hold it!

What is your favorite thing you’ve made -this year or in the past- for the Christmas season?



  1. Anonymous says

    Hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe a short tree made from hot-glued pinecones. Or cinnamon ornaments. No, it’s a tiny cross-stitched quilt design with a backing and a bias binding with loop to hang it. I could play with Christmas stuff year round.

    I’m thinking you might go for year round too. Your wreath is beautiful.

    brenda from arkansas

  2. Karen says

    just found your website . Love all the things you have made and show us how to make. I am getting ready for a craft show, so I am trying to get everything finished. But there is always time to check out other’s great ideas.

  3. Bobbi says

    Love it! I just printed sheet music and will tea stain it to get that vinatge feel:) My wreath will go above the piano in our hobby room. So fun~!!!!!


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