Christmas Tree & Monday’s Menu

Merry Christmas Ornament

Good morning – I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We spent the weekend putting up our Christmas Tree. Well, among other things. It didn’t take us the whole weekend, but we do bring out the boxes and leave them for a few days, decorating when we want and stopping when we get tired of it – or need to eat or sleep.

Honestly, one tree is about all I can handle – I don’t know how you all who have multiple trees do it. It just takes so much time. Especially the lights – it’s the part that I want to look good, but that I hate doing (I suppose that’s the allure of the fake tree with built-in lights…). A friend was just telling me she knew of someone who put a tree in every room – seven trees! To each is own, ’cause I tell you, that would put me out of the Christmas spirit for sure.

Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree

Anyway, I’m glad it’s up, ’cause I sure enjoy looking at it – especially lit up. It’s an 8-ft. noble fir and we went to a secret place (not – it’s a local landscaping company) and paid only $20 for it (a rip-roaring steal for a noble this size). And they gave us a fresh cut on the bottom and loaded it in our trailer for us – which Brian really appreciated. We’ve tromped through mud and rain in years past to cut our trees, which seemed the thing to do when the kids were smaller, but no more. We’re into easy now.

MPM-button-Fall12I’ve got a few Christmas-themed posts for you this week – including another Antropologie knock-off (a glitter-and-tinsel ornament) and a look at some of the holiday vignettes I’ve created this year using lots of greenery. We’re also gearing up for one of our extended family celebrations this weekend, so we’ll be busy baking cookies, making gifts, and wrapping them. Probably a good idea to keep the menu easy, then, huh?

Monday– Seasoned roasted pork shoulder, roasted potatoes & cauliflower, cranberry & feta green salad

TuesdaySlow Cooker Pork & Kale Stew (using leftover pork), Easy Sourdough Artisan Bread, cut carrots with White Bean-Dried Tomato Dip

Wednesday– Shredded pork tacos (more leftover pork – it’s a huge roast!), black bean, corn, & salsa salad, cabbage slaw

Thursday– Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki (I’ll use this recipe, but sub 1/2 c. honey for the sugar), brown rice, Orange-Almond Salad

Friday– Appetizer dinner & Christmas program: I’m bringing Curried Deviled Eggs and this new recipe that looks fun

Saturday– Family christmas celebration: I’m brining my standard- Soft 100% Whole Wheat Rolls and Chocolate Chip Walnut Pie

Sunday– leftovers

Are you finished with your holiday decorations yet?



  1. says

    We are a tree in every room family, that’s why we start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. My kids decorate their own trees and now help me with the main ones. That can be a mixed blessing : ) So with the sunroom and back room that’s 2 full size trees and 3 med. trees and 3 small extra trees. This is the only time of year I really decorate so it’s tradition to really make the place look festive. Have to admit by New Year’s day I’m done looking at it all and tear down begins.

  2. Crystal says

    I only have one tree, but I completely transform almost all my rooms into Christmas themed decorating. This is my favorite time of year!! Your tree is absolutely beautiful…worth all of the time you spent on it!!

  3. Rachel says

    Your tree looks beautiful! Our house is decorated and husband got the lights up outside. Just need to decorate the tree still. Moving it to the church this weekend for our daughter’s wedding reception, so waiting to decorate it until next week! I also have two 3-year-old’s to keep away from the tree :) Happy holidays!

  4. Ellen says

    Hi, Jami!
    Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! None of our sons are coming home this year for Christmas, so we are going for a smallish tree-less work, still pretty!

  5. says

    Wow, your tree is beautiful! I agree, once you get past the lights you’re home free! I also got a great deal on my tree a 7′ for $15.00. I was amazed! I decorated it with ribbons and poinsettias (plastic and glittered) and it turned out beautiful (we have a kitty so I left the glass ornaments off this year). Thanks for sharing!

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