Natural Fall Porch Updates

Hydrangea in chalk pot :: An Oregon Cottage

Yes, I might be tired of the rain already, but I am welcoming fall to our porch as well as our mantel! I do love the fall hydrangea colors, don’t you? Especially how they coordinate so perfectly with our front door.

So, welcome all to our fall porch updated with easy and inexpensive seasonal natural elements – plus a few hangers-on from summer!

2013 Fall Porch Decor-An Oregon Cottage

I hinted that I would leave our summer pink begonias and impatiens in their pots and let my harvest of white pumpkins mix with them – and I think they look great together! Especially since I found the gallon potted pinkish mums for the steps (only $3.33 each!) to carry the color further. Placing the pumpkins around, adding our autumn wreath and the chalk cachepot I transformed last year full of our fall-colored hydrangeas took about 10 minutes of my time and fully ushered autumn onto our porch.

Fall 2013 Front Porch - An Oregon Cottage

I love to reuse items from year to year {like the wreath, chalk pot, and white metal pots for the mums} to keep the cost and time spent on decorating low. It really doesn’t take a lot to make your porch welcoming, does it?

Pumpkins, flowers, and cornstalks-An Oregon Cottage

I’m not sure how long the summer blooms will last – it all depends on our weather – but in the past they’ve been good all the way until it was time to change out for Christmas.

Porch bench throw and flowers - An Oregon Cottage

This year I added a cozy wool throw to the front porch pew. I’m not sure if anyone will sit out there – there’s something about Oregon dampness that chills you to the bone – but it sure looks inviting, don’t you think? Maybe a hot cup of tea and a sunny day will lure me out to the porch!

Backyard Fall Mums - An Oregon Cottage

I thought I’d leave you with a couple views of our backyard, too. Adding two mums is enough for me and looks fallish with the changing hydrangeas that bring me such joy.

What simple changes do you like to make for the autumn season?


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