Plate Wall & Coral Additions: ORC Week Three

Two Projects for Master Bedroom - An Oregon Cottage

Two more things were checked off the to-do list this week for our one room challenge refreshed master bedroom. That’s good. What’s not so good is that one of them is causing me to rethink one of my previous projects, which is going to add another project to the list. Ugh – not good.

But I’m getting ahead of myself – first up is my rejuvenated reading corner:

White chair: coral pillow & pouf - An Oregon Cottage

I’m LOVING the difference the coral makes in this mostly white corner, especially our coral pouf that gives me a place to put my feet up!

Coral pillow and pouf - An Oregon Cottage

I found the fabric for the pillow (super easy envelope-style – took me about 20 minutes to sew) at (Ozborne by Premier) and actually bought the pouf from Target on clearance awhile ago because I wanted to give our bedroom a shot of color (it was part of the Privet line they had). It’s been waiting for a while, to say the least.  See? I really did need this challenge to finish what I halfheartedly started last winter!

Bedroom Reading Corner :: An Oregon Cottage

Don’t you just love how the small pop of color in this corner looks? I sure do – it’s just how I envisioned it! Though Brian only complains about the pouf being in his way. He just doesn’t get it, does he?

Bedroom Plate Wall - An Oregon Cottage

The other thing I get to cross off the list is the plate wall above the bed – woot!

I started ‘working’ on this wall last July when I found the first of the plates in a thrift store on a trip to the coast. None cost more than $1.99. When I got home, I added a few more that I already had, but I was having trouble finding other plates with any coral in them besides the first one I found at the thrift store (the smaller floral).

Then I saw Target had plates in coral and since they were on clearance for less than $2.00 each, I bought two. They are plastic, but on a wall, I don’t think anyone will notice. Plus, it’s our bedroom, so it’s mostly just us looking at them (I’m going to post separately how chose to hang and arrange the plates, so look for that in a day or two).

Plate wall and thrift art wall- An Oregon Cottage

But here’s the unintended consequence: when I finished the plate wall I stood back and realized it was too much with the thrifted art wall! Sigh. It’s just way too busy for me (the two walls together are actually worse in person, trust me). Oh, and try to ignore the old floral duvet cover, which I know doesn’t help the busyness – replacing that is part of the next steps!

I’m loving the plate wall, though – I think it works perfectly between the two rectangle mirrors and I like the subdued colors (I’ll probably replace the solid coral one which isn’t working for me like I thought it would – now I’m wishing I had bought two of the patterned plates instead). So it’s goodbye to the art wall. My daughter suggested a ledge with three family photos in simple wood frames with large mats and I’m thinking that’s a good idea.

What do you think?

Master Bedroom To-Do List:
  1. Add a fun plate wall over the bed in shades of white, green, and coral.
  2. Repaint lamp bases.
  3. Add interesting texture to lamp shades or stencil them.
  4. Make a decorative pillow with a graphic coral fabric for the bed.
  5. Create an art wall with the original art we’ve collected through the years at thrift stores (remember when Brian made this funny video about his thrifted ‘bad art’ collection?)
  6. Make or buy a new duvet.
  7. Find a basket to fit under the antique sewing machine/nightstand.
  8. Add a coral pillow to the chair.
  9. Edit the dresser to be less cluttery.
  10. Purchase bamboo blinds? Or attempt to clean roman shades?
  11. Paint or just remove lamp in corner {I don’t really use it}.
  12. Rehang the mirror on our door.
  13. Replace the dusty, years-old dried flowers from the backyard with something –anything – else.
  14. Add 10/17: Replace thrifted art wall with family photos.


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  1. Sally says

    Hi Jami,

    I don’t know if I have commented before or not, I tend to just read and enjoy instead! You have such a lovely blog and I greatly enjoy your sharing it with the rest of us. I always look to see how your garden is growing since I live just an hour up the valley from you. So I know our growing seasons are the same. When you posted the super slick wainscoting I knew I had to copy your idea for my living room. I haven’t yet but I will. And actually my taste in decorating is very close to yours, so close in fact that I was very surprised when you revealed your new cute corner in the bedroom and there on the floor was my rug! Mine is in the living room but it’s the same rug. See what good taste you have! :-)
    Thank you so much Jami for taking the time to share.

    • says

      Thank you SO much for your sweet comment, Sally! I know you’ll love the wainscotting in your living room, ’cause I love mine 9 years later. And we know great minds think alike, right? 😉

  2. Julie says

    Hey Jami,
    How are you hanging the plates if you don’t mind my asking? Yours look really neat. I use wire plate hangers Nd they always look untidy and as if they might just jump off the wall!

  3. says

    I was looking at FB when your post came up. As soon as I saw the picture, I thought, ” I want that”, and I didn’t even know it was from you! Love the cushion on the chair and the tranquil feeling with the window and the french door!

  4. Cindee says

    It looks so pretty, but all I can think is “She’s in so much trouble if an earthquake hits”. That would be true whether the paintings or the plates were over the bed. I was 7 miles from the epicenter of a 7.1 earthquake and I will tell you that I decorate on both sides of the bed over the nightstands, but there is nothing over my head. Just a thought. Oregonians don’t usually think about earthquake safety, but they are predicting a big one for us relatively soon.

  5. Kari J. says

    I know this is your bedroom and all about what you prefer, but I love how your thrifted art wall turned out & I’m hoping you won’t do anything “crazy” :) until you’ve changed out your duvet and added the coral pillow you’ve put on your to-do list. Once you’ve made the changes to your bed, maybe it will be the art wall that should stay & the plate wall that will need another home? The plate wall is fun & I do very much like all the bits of coral you’re adding to the room, but I can’t help wondering how things will look with a new duvet & pillow. Another thought, what’s your husband think — besides that the pouf is in his way (that piece must stay, so hopefully he’ll get used to it quickly :) )?

    BTW, I’m another who enjoys your blog very much, but doesn’t comment (I was compelled to speak on behalf of your thrifted art wall this time though 😀 ). You are an inspiration in so many ways — it’s just fun to see what you’ll come up with next!

  6. says

    Jami, you’re room looks great. I’m lovin’ the coral. As far as my update, I’ve gotten bedding and I now have 8 paint splotches on my walls (both bedroom and bathroom) while I mull over exactly what shade of taupe I want. I’m planning on using this color through out the rest of our home so I really want to like it.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Michele Laughlin says

    I know you are going to hate this, but I LOVE the thrifted art wall and I actually think it would look better over the bed! The wall is so pale and with so many pale plates that are round….maybe it’s just my taste. I’d move ‘some’ of the plate wall to the other wall and put the thrifted art over the bed…I love the contrast of colors, dark and light, and the variety of shapes of the art. Just my two cents! I LOVE the reading area, (especially the pouf and pillow!!) but I’d paint the reading light coral…but that’s just me :) I’m enjoying this makeover! Thanks Jami!

    • Tami says

      This is what I was thinking too…..but the art wall is more my taste than the plate wall. I know when you are finished it will look great no matter what you decide. I love everything you do!

  8. Carolyn says

    I’m in love with the knitted poof! Did you make it? If so, do you know where I can get the pattern to have someone make one for me! LOVE it!

  9. AndiW says

    Hi Jami!
    Love your sense of style and humor. (Chuckled out loud re: Brian and the poof! Such a guy…!) The reading corner looks divinely inviting and slightly energizing rather than subdued. Both are great looks but this fits my impression of you better. 😀

    I agree that the beautiful plates AND art are too busy. Favoring the plated wall, I wonder whether you’d enjoy the solid coral plate (lovely but oh-so-lonely!) more if it had a solid green friend and maybe another coral print on white?

    Thanks for the chuckle. Hugs!

  10. Emily says

    Love the concept of the plate wall, but not in a bedroom – or at least not over a bed. Love it though and love the other art too.

  11. says

    Hi Jami,

    I love, love, love the reading corner and especially the pouf! I have the same one in brown, actually two of them, in my daughter’s room. I, too, got mine on clearance and am so happy with the price and how they’ve held up.

    But I have to say I LOVE your solid coral plate in your plate wall, and think it would be just a tad boring without it. At least in the pictures, it is the perfect punch to make it special. I would keep it just as is. As for the wall art, I agree, I would scale it back a little. Not sure a ledge is what I would go for there, though. Maybe three family portraits with large mattes, as your daughter suggested, but arranged on the wall, rather than leaning on a ledge. I fear that might be too much going on. Just my thoughts.

    As always, I absolutely love your blog, especially posts like these that inspire me to do a little creative rearranging in my own home!


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