What to Plant for August Blooms {TGP}

Finding perennials or shrubs for August blooms was a goal of mine a few years ago when I realized my flower borders were looking mostly green after the flush of all the June blooms that last through July. This is one of the first years I’ve looked around and realized I’ve got a good amount of color! So I thought I’d share with you what perennials and shrubs I’ve found that bloom in August here in the PNW and other similar climates.

August Blooms

Our borders hold colors of yellow, pink, purple, and white – never orange or red, so no August Gaillardia and such. But I have been able to find plenty of August blooming plants in my color palette (pictured above clockwise from top):

  • Hydrangea, Endless Summer. I have four of these that line the front of our porch – LOVE.
  • Fleabane. This is a reseeding perennial that sometimes doesn’t make it through a rough winter, but I love how it fills in blank spots and that it’s sweet little daisy-like flowers always seem to compliment anything next to it.
  • Malva (from the Mallow family) – I don’t know this variety since I got it from my sister’s yard. It can reseed a LOT (in her yard) or not, like in mine, but it is not fussy about soil or water and blooms when (and where) others don’t, so I really am enjoying it!
  • Purple Aster. I cut this back a bit around July 4th to get it to bloom in August when I need the color. This is another plant I have in dry shade, full sun, and partial sun and it looks great everywhere. I’d never be without a perennial aster!
  • Japanese Anemone. I have a light pink and a white version and the pink starts blooming mid-July and goes through September! Although I read they are shade plants, these grow in full sun just as well in my garden. I was given the pink variety from a friend who got it from her grandmother, so it’s pretty hardy for such a delicate-looking plant.

Daylily-Yarrow Border

This is a rose-and-perennial border that was full of color in June from the clematis and roses, and while the roses are budding in preparation for another show in a few weeks they are serving as a backdrop to (left to right):

  • Verbascum
  • Stella d’Oro daylily
  • Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’
  • Fleabane
  • Sweet William (the pink just peeking above the fleabane)
  • Pastel Yarrow

Blackeyed Susan Aster Border

A background of spring flowering shrubs and roses forms the basis of this bed that has the same purple aster as mentioned above as well as my favorite August bloomer:

  • Black-eyed Susan (rudbekia). I pretty much plant this somewhere in all my beds for that great pop of yellow at the height of the summer. That it’s easy to grow and replant from rootings is just a bonus.

PG & Little Lime Hydrangeas

Yes, well…hydrangeas. I don’t even want to tell you how many I have – I love them. Not only is this bed blooming with more Stella d’Oro daylilies, but also with:

  • Hardy geranium, ‘monster.’ I have to keep this baby in check here, but after I cut it back, it just puts out more blooms.
  • Little Lime Hydrangea (bottom left). I wrote all about this plant last year – my newest favorite hydrangea.
  • PeeGee Hydrangea standard. LOVE the peegees, but not sure why mine has never looked like others I’ve seen – the flowers should be much more cone-shaped and large (this plant is about 5 or 6 years old). Oh, well, I enjoy it anyway!

Reblooming Spirea

I’m including a photo of this shrub, Spirea (which is one of my all-time favorite shrubs, by the way), for two reasons:

  1. It’s actually a July bloomer in my yard – which you can see from all the brown blooms that I haven’t deadheaded.
  2. BUT if you shear all those blooms off, you will get a second August bloom – which you can see all around the bottom and a few here-and-there that I clipped. I was just shaping this shrub when I sheared it back and didn’t really think about it blooming again – note to self: half-trimmed plants look ridiculous when they rebloom!

I’d like to also point out the huge thistle growing up through the middle of the bush – ugh. You know that saying to “plant thickly to keep weeds away?” Yeah, I could show you many areas in my yard where that just doesn’t ring true – I’ve pulled about 20 of these thistles around and in this plant already this season! Is it just me, or do you have weeds grow in your “thickly planted” areas, too?



  1. says

    I love the hydrangeas and the aster – my favorites! Thanks for hosting. I got in early so I will have to come back to read all the wonderful posts. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. says

    This is great information and I thank you for sharing. Here in New England the flowers in August and September tend towards more warm colors such as rusty oranges and yellows and dark purples. Even the browns of cat nine tails and the deep russets of mums and sumac look pretty at this time of year. I love these colors in August as much as I love the bright pinks, purples and even blues in June.

  3. says

    I’m a no red and orange girl too, but somehow they’re slowly weaseling their way into the garden.
    Everything’s lookin’ good. Love your bird bath bed.

  4. says

    Your gardens are absolutely beautiful!! I need to start planting more ornamental plants, most of mine are fruits and veggies and they’re so boring looking!

  5. says

    I love our hydrangea. A few years ago the hydrangea had grown so big we needed to move it away from the house. Our plan was to fully remove it but we missed a root and now we have two hydrangeas. One that is much smaller close to the house and a huge one. I love the big beautiful flowers they have on them.

    Your garden looks just lovely.

  6. Michele says

    I’m a little (no, a LOT) jealous of the beautiful flowers in your yard! Since I live in the Basin, my roses, pansies, yarrow, and lavender are about it for color in my garden…but I have gorgeous color from the yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cayenne peppers, pattypan mixed squash, cranberry beans, corn and cucumber flowers right now! Still waiting for the San Marzano Romas, Lemon Boys, Cherokee Purple and German Giant tomatoes…Blue Lake Stringless green beans and Jalapeno peppers!

  7. says

    Thank you so much for this! We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our yard all summer. We’ve done basically no upkeep for the last two years, and it looks pretty awful. I actually feel bad for inflicting our awful yard on our neighbors. So we’re starting to buy plants as we can afford them, and keep what we have nice. Guides like this are super helpful for figuring out what to plant. So thank you again!

  8. AndiW says

    I am TOTALLY in L♥VE with hydrangeas!! Your Little Lime is adorable! My other newest fav is the Oak Leaf. I’m trying to get a start from my blue lace cap that currently resides at our former home and originated from the one we lived in prior. Need to hurry as cutting late last year did not work. :( Love your blog! 😀

    • says

      Well, you know what, Andi? The oakleaf types I have (two dwarfs and one regular) don’t like me!! The refuse to grow lush like all the other hydrangeas and I’ve tried them in all different areas. Oh, well – I’ll have to content my self with the many…cough…others I have. 😉


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